First professional continental esports league


fifa 21 Console pS4

Whose name will all Africa remember?


Tournament Info

The tournament consists of 2 stages.

The first stage is a qualifying tournament, which will be held separately in each country. At the end of the tournament, one winner will be determined, who will play in the Final with winners from 15 other countries.

Find yourself in the brackets

Platform: Console PlayStation 4

Player mode: 1×1

Round Robin BO5

Duration: 6 minutes

Mode: Ultimate Team

Game speed: normal



You will see the exact date and time in the braces next to the name of each stage. To do this, select your country below and you will see the braces.


The Fifa tournament will be held using PS4

To contact your competitor, please use brackets and click on information about the User.
You will see a link to his profile on the
We ask all participants to fill in contact details on your account to contact each other.
For this, please
1. log in to your account (use your email and pass that you used on the registration). Please DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. We sent confirmation emails to all registered users.

2. Go to the settings
Add your Discord ID in the format Galyna#4455 and/or your WhatsApp number in the “About” field on
This info will be visible to all other users, so they can contact you!

If you have difficulty logging in, please fill out the form below and we will help you.

After each game, you will need to enter the result.
You can do this by clicking on your match.
The administrator will confirm all results.
Fifa tournament is played according to the BO3 system (the best of 3 or up to 2 wins), which means that you will need to play 3 matches with an opponent and only add the result.
The result should be:
2-0 or 2-1

Brackets and results

Results submission

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