First professional continental esports league

volunteers wanted



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population of the countries participants
semi-professional participants participating in Cup
national professional teams participating in Championship

join us!

don't miss your chance

Want to join an experienced team, to pump your skills and gain experience in esports?

We are looking for talented, creative people to work side by side with cool experts to host the largest event in 16 African countries. You can have a great experience, learn new things and discover the world of esports.

Don't miss your chance! Send an application now!

Afrika Esports Series
is waiting for you

We have some open positions and you can apply to join. If you would like to help us and are talented in something else, just write to us and tell us about yourself!
Experience is encouraged, but not required.
If your eyes are shining and you have enough time to help us, we will be happy with you!

The only condition is:
We expect that you have at least 20 hours a week and you are ready to work on the project for the next few months.

SMM Manager

Do you know how to lure the audience with one sentence? Do you love to communicate in social networks?

Amazing! Why haven't you written to us yet? We need your help to write creative, mesmerizing, fun and exciting posts on our social media pages to engage gamers and fans!

The main social networks we focus on are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok.

Write to us, even if you have experience with at least one of the social networks.

Our ideal candidate is bilingual and fluent in English and French


How do you like the idea to start working with the media in 16 African countries? Be on the front lines and be the first to cover the event?

Do you know how to find common language with the press, to whom you should write to get your content published? Excellent! Write to us!

Write, even if you don't know how a press release differs from a column. We will teach you and you will have a tremendous experience that you can use to start your career.

Journalist / copywriter

If you love to write, and your friends have long advised you to write a book, you are our ideal candidate.

We are looking for a person who can easily write an article on important social topics, interview top gamers and organizers. One who knows what questions to ask so that his reader is interested in reading everything to the very end.

For our part, we will give you the opportunity to publish your materials in the media so that your content is read by as many people as possible.

Our ideal candidate is bilingual and fluent in English and French

Send an application now!